Tatev Abrahamyan’s Impact on the Chess Community


Tatev Abrahamyan is an Armenian-American chess grandmaster, who has been making a lasting impact on the chess community since her impressive stepnguides showing at the 2009 World Youth Chess Championship in Antalya, Turkey. As the first Armenian to ever win a gold medal at the World Youth Chess Championship, Abrahamyan has since become a role model for aspiring chess players around the world. Abrahamyan has been a powerful filesblast force in the chess community. In 2010, she was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE (the World Chess Federation) and became the youngest ever female to achieve this title. In 2014, she was the top US woman’s player at the Chess Olympiad, winning the bronze medal for her forum4india country in the women’s team event. Abrahamyan has also made a significant impact on the professional chess circuit, as she was ranked among the top female chess players in the world in both 2015 and
1. In addition to her impressive chess record, Abrahamyan is also an advocate for the game. She is a strong believer in the importance of teaching chess to oyepandeyji young people and has used her platform to promote chess education. She is a regular speaker at chess tournaments and has partnered with many organizations to help raise awareness of the game. For example, she was the spokesperson for the Chess in Schools project, which seeks to bring chess into the classroom. Abrahamyan’s passion for the game has enabled her biharjob to make a lasting impact on the chess community. She is a role model for young female players and has inspired many to take up the game. She has also used her platform to advocate for the game and help bring it to more people. Through her hard work and dedication, she has become an inspiration to aspiring chess players everywhere.


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